July 2018 Update

I am very happy to be posting an update about our families. I apologize that it has taken so long.

The past 6 months have gone by so quickly with a flurry of many different activities and day to day life. Where do I begin?

There have been so many new experiences and many adjustments to life in Canada. There have been medical and dental appointments during the past months, as well as specialist appointments for new braces, etc.  There has been cooking and washing dishes and washing clothes …. with machines! Running Water! Indoor toilets! Bath tubs! There is a long list of new things in Canada. We are very thankful that our families each have a wonderful apartment and they are neighbors so they can easily walk to each other’s home.

Four of the children started attending school in January and they completed their school year at the end of June. There was much to celebrate with awards and success! Argentine, Mapendo, and Joseph joined a Language Learning Group for 8 weeks and they also had personal tutors during the school months.  Their English skills are improving all the time.

We all “survived” the cold, snowy winter months in Alberta. After promises of warmer “Spring” weather in April, the snow finally melted and the temperatures finally warmed up at the end of April. We are enjoying a beautiful summer after a long winter. Now, it is “Summer Holidays” time in Canada!  There is a break from school during July and August but there are many special activities during the summer months.

Our families have made many new friends at school, with their church families, and within the community here and beyond! We continue to be so thankful for the ongoing support, as well as the support from new friends.

Argentine and Mapendo quickly learned how to use their Canadian sewing machines a short time after their arrival in Canada and they have been creating many beautiful bags and clothing items during the past months.  Joseph is working part-time and developing his skills.

We have celebrated some birthdays and we have shared many wonderful times together.

There is so much more to share. This is just a brief glimpse into Canadian life for Argentine and Mapendo and their families.

For more information, I encourage you to check out Shona Congo on Facebook and their web site, too, if you haven’t already done so.  You may want to purchase one of the women’s beautiful items for sale.



Argentine and Mapendo will be doing live Facebook videos in the coming weeks. They have done some videos already and you can view them.  You can also participate in future videos. The ladies would be amazed to interact with participants in real time!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey! Together we look forward to a bright future for everyone!

With immense gratitude and much joy,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS