World Refugee Day 2017

World Refugee Day

On this World Refugee Day, Tuesday, June 20th, 2017, we think about the refugee families we have sponsored and we celebrate the new lives and the new opportunities they have in Canada. We are thankful for each one of them.

AIRSS will continue to work towards the protection and resettlement of refugees who do not have another durable solution. At this time, we especially think about our current applications to sponsor Argentine and Mapendo and their families. The application and review processes for resettlement take a long time but each day is a step closer. We hope and pray that their applications will be approved very soon.

We are thankful for the wonderful support that we have received. Together we are making a difference!

We join with people around the world as we think about the immense courage of refugees in so many different parts of the world. We also think about the strength and resilience that is needed to survive.  We encourage you to do what you can do to help those in need.

With a very grateful heart and deepest appreciation

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS