Very Exciting News!!! Dec. 7th Arrival in Canada!!!

It is official! We finally received notification of the official travel plans of our families to come to Canada!!! Thursday, December 7th is the day we have been waiting for. This is the day when our families will be welcomed into our country and our community.

It is an understatement to say that our AIRSS group and our families and friends are very excited about the arrival of Argentine and Mapendo and Joseph and their families! They are amazing individuals! We are thrilled for all of them to have new homes with safety and peace here in Canada.  It will be an extremely emotional time when we meet them, as we also think about what they will be leaving behind and as we think about the immense possibilities and opportunities that await them.

So many people have helped us on this journey and we are deeply grateful for all of the support and prayers.

We thank God for all the blessings and the fulfillment of our sponsorship to bring the families to Canada.

With deepest gratitude,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS

Fantastic News! The News We Have Been Waiting For!

I am very excited to announce that we received the first official notification of a Permanent Resident Visa being issued for coming to Canada!  We trust all the notifications will be sent to us soon.  We are so happy to receive this news!

Our hearts are bursting with joy for these families to come to Canada, to come to a place where they can thrive and grow in a safe place, free from fear and danger. It is thrilling to think about our families enjoying the beauty and specialness of life in Canada!  We can’t wait to meet Argentine and Mapendo and their families!

Although we celebrate this wonderful news at this time, we do not have an exact arrival date yet. I will update this web site when we have confirmation of the travel date. 

With a grateful heart,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS

More News!

I have some very good news to tell you! Our families received official documents this week for their medical examinations. This is the next step in a long process but it is positive progress and it is another big step forward to the goal of resettlement in Canada. We are excited!

Thank you again for all of the kind thoughts and prayers and support.  Official news will hopefully be announced soon and I will let you know.

With even greater anticipation,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS

Unofficial News . . .

I wish I had official news for all of you. We are still waiting but I want to share some news that we do have.  We have been told that the interviews with the Canadian Visa officers went very well. We were also told that the Visa officers were kind. They seemed to be surprised about the many things our families had gone through and the officers responded in positive, encouraging ways (unofficially). Our families signed some forms, they had their fingerprints taken, and they were told to go home and wait for a call about medical forms. Waiting can be so hard but we are optimistic and we look forward to good news…soon!

Thank you again for all of the kind thoughts and prayers and support.  When we have official news, I will let you know.

With great anticipation,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS



1st Week of September Interviews!!!

Hello everyone, 

This week is an important and exciting time for AIRSS and our refugee families because of the upcoming interviews. Thanks be to God for these interviews with the Canadian Visa officer. We are also very thankful for everyone who advocated for our families. Thank you!!!


The interviews are scheduled to take place at 8:00 am in Uganda on Thurs, Sept 7th, 2017.  Because of time zones differences, the time will likely be quite different in your location...unless you are in Uganda!


For Alberta residents, when it is 8 am in Uganda on Thursday, the time will actually be 11 pm on Wednesday, September 6th Alberta time. (9 hour time difference for us)


For other Canadians and for our American supporters, your time may be different depending on your location. That is why I didn't write a date and time in the title. It could be September 6th or September 7th depending where you live. 


Argentine and Mapendo and their families are in our thoughts and prayers as they prepare, travel, and do the interviews. They are amazing people and they have endured so much to get to this point. Thank you again for everything you have done to help them.


If you are able, would you please join us in prayer? We pray for safe travels to the interview location, successful interviews with decisions to approve all of the family members for resettlement in Athabasca, and for everything that needs to happen for our families. Thank you!!!


With deepest appreciation,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS

Interview Dates!

We have wonderful news to share! Argentine and Mapendo and their families have interviews scheduled with a Canadian Visa Officer  in the country where they are currently living. The interviews will take place at the end of the summer. 

We thank God that these interviews have been scheduled in the upcoming weeks.This is the next step that we have been waiting for so we are extremely thankful for everyone's support and all of the advocacy efforts during the past months. 

We will share further news when it is available. Thank you again for your interest and your support.

With deepest appreciation,

Cheryl Balay, President of AIRSS